Introducing Dirty Lemon's Turmeric Goodness

As continued avid fans of Dirty Lemon, the cult health brand which has risen to power over in the States, SATORI & SCOUT are pleased to see their latest experiment come to fruition and now become available commercially. Not actually available to buy from any bricks and mortar stores anywhere in the world, Dirty Lemon's curiously fun-branded and functionally-packed health beverages are a taste (and goodness package) to behold; introducing the new turmeric solution, maybe the brand is worth your consideration.

With Collagen, activated charcoal, and CBD all long-serving ingredients since their humble beginnings, Dirty Lemon's latest release can be found beautifully packaged inside this bright orange bottle. Without any pumpkin in sight, the orange turmeric produce is the height of curious tastes.

As Dirty Lemon explains, "...turmeric features curcumin, the active healing compound of turmeric, and one of the most potent anti-inflammatories in the world. The health benefits of turmeric are vast, with studies showing that in addition to decreasing inflammation, daily consumption of turmeric aids in reducing pain, boosting mood and improving cognitive function."

With the highest grade, organic, non-GMO, turmeric root sourced from India, such an ingredient is abundant with curcumin. To enhance it's effects, Dirty Lemon have developed a formula that is mixed wonderfully with cinnamon, black pepper, and red pepper to all increase the bio-availability of curcumin and help your body maximize the anti-inflammatory benefits of the beverage. With the recommended daily dose of such a powerful anti-inflammatory superfood included in each bottle (1000mg of turmeric to be precise), you'd be impressed to hear that it isn't just bio-benefits that are of high notes; the flavours of such a solution is complementary to the earthy and spicy tones of the root with the aromatic and warming flavour of the turmeric and lemon base paired with undertones of pineapple and cinnamon.

Intended to complement rather than substitute any of your normal daily diet, there are no restrictions, elimination diets or cleanses required on the side of such consumption. Also with no added sugar in any of the beverage (yes!!), and officially advised to consume such a bottle once daily, are you convinced? SATORI & SCOUT recommends. Discover more about the brand online at:

Photography credit : Dirty Lemon

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