Yield Design Glass French Coffee

"...You really can create the perfect cup of coffee, or rather, three cups of coffee with YIELD's coffee design. Just add sustainably sourced coffee + milk..."

Independent designers of flair and high yield, pun intended of course, YIELD’s latest collection is no different. A San Francisco (USA) based manufacturing studio that produces contemporary housewares, jewellery and bags that are together cohesively unified via their warm minimalism and ethical production characteristic is back with a new collection.

Entirely ethically produced and contemporarily-designed, YIELD’s new French press and pour over coffee maker are delightfully high-style. Made from heat proof borosilicate glass and stainless steel, there is absolutely no plastic anywhere present in the product. How many brands can say that? Probably just one. Such French Press is available in the four colourways: clear, grey, amber, and black, and overall offers a fresh design upon the traditional press pot. Fundamentally using the traditional French press method, such design is sleek as well as highly functional in being able to withstand extreme temperatures. Complete with solid heat retention, your coffee should remain warm for a great deal of time.

Likewise, the Double-Wall Pour Over coffee maker is available in three colourways: clear, grey, and amber, and is complete with a double glass wall for heat retention, as well as dual-functioning as an easy handle operative. With a nice conical shape you really can create the perfect cup of coffee, or rather, three cups of coffee with YIELD’s coffee design. Just add sustainably sourced coffee + milk.

Discover more and purchase online at: YieldDesign.co

Design From The Past, To The Future

Acknowledging that good design of the past will always cyclically repeat into fashion, YIELD looks for the core element, the true essence of those times and with it create something entirely new.

(Photography Credit : YieldDesign.co)

7 Design
8.5 Innovation
7.5 Usability
6 Value

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  • DO NOT BUY CERAMIC VERSION. POUR SPOUT LEAKS EVERY TIME YOU POUR COFFEE. Here is a video of it leaking every time I pour coffee. They will not refund my purchase without charging me 20% restocking fee. Why would your restock a product that is faulty. I also have to pay for the return postage. I’m out $50.00. I am a full time ceramicist, so I am very aware of shape, edges and glaze application on products. Pour customer service on top of this with 3 correspondances going unreplied for weeks. DONT BUY, better options out there. //youtu.be/upZpI3dc_Gc

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