The Weaver Tea Infuser by TOAST Living

"...If you're not yet an enthusiastic tea aficionado, then maybe TOAST Living's wellness goods can offer a hand..."

Tea is a wonderful thing (as we all know) and if you’re not yet an enthusiastic tea aficionado, then maybe TOAST Living’s wellness goods can offer a hand. Loose tea leaves are certainly an alternative way to drink your tea by comparison to the super-convenient teabag kind, but if you’re looking for a cooler, more environment friendly and certainly more natural way of consuming such a fantastic beverage, then loose tea should definitely be considered.

TOAST Living is a lifestyle brand that revolves around the premise that life is simply a piece of toast (is it though?); in the metaphorical sense: you can have it either in plain and simple way, or add different foodstuffs to create plentiful flavours. Of equal measure, TOAST Living also like cooking; designers create enriching experiences or products from the most essential elements and ideas as much as chefs do with their food preparation.

Introducing fineness and balance into everyday objects – inspired by the Chinese word ‘jun’: a condition of mellowness – on all ordinary days, TOAST Living hope to inspire people’s life with mellow products. Titled ‘Weaver’, such a tea product is a modernised version of the original tea infuser concept, a tradition inspired by the noodle boiler in which the noodle maker shows a particularly proficiency in noodle straining. With a modernised improvement on suchlike, the infuser reminds TOAST Living of their enjoyable moments in childhood.

A nice collection of small metal tea tools, the Weaver tea jar and tea infuser are complete with a pattern inspired by an equally traditional bamboo weaving style – and as you might expect, gives it’s name. With such decoration incorporated into the otherwise super-minimalist tea objects, everything looks so nice as much as the tea preparation is so great.

With the Weaver infuser’s silicone lid having a second function in also acting as a spoon to scoop loose tea leaves (5 grams worth), everything is simple but essential. Available in copper and stainless steel, SATORI & SCOUT reckon your kitchen definitely needs these.

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Complementing Great British Tea

With a doubt a cute little object to complement any modern kitchen or lifestyler's day, would you go for foreign or English tea? More tea Vicar?

(Photography Credit : TOAST Living)

9.5 Design
8 Innovation
8 Usability
7 Value

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