The Ultimate Minimalist Multifunctional Frame

"...Really can there be a storage frame so minimal yet so functional? Thomas Schnur's design..."

Thomas Schnur has surely designed what can only be described as the most minimalist of storage units that can used in the home, for retail displays or commercial spaces. A metal wire grid of tubes that are combined to create a large rectangular frame, such a furniture piece can be used as a commercial hanging frame or at home, perhaps in the bathroom as a clothes valet, the living space to hang up plants or as a shelving framework, the bedroom as a dirty clothes rail or in the hallway as a coat rack. The grid also features a reverse side frame stand which can also be used as a hanging device. If you take a look at the gallery, really can there be a storage frame so minimal yet so functional?

Made from powder coated steel, the 168cm x 55cm unit is a perfect combination of lightweight materiality and sturdy functionality. Schnur explains that his design process “…negotiates on the relative weight of material, manufacture, shape, meaning and function. I decompose the task into their properties and meanings…then analyse, evaluate and construct the idea.”

Based on Piero Lissoni’s Patchwork collection for Italian brand Cotto, Schnur has taken the designer’s criss-crossing lines from a two dimensional plane and converted them into a three dimensional object. Inspired by the functionalities of retail space displays, and how they often efficiently display, store and keep objects clean, Schnur has made a home variation. Beyond the obvious aesthetics, the grid’s inherent form also helps to bring the product’s retail cost down, as well as ease flat-packed delivery.

Schnur is an award winning designer and was among a select roster of seven designers and architects to showcase projects related to Lissoni’s Patchwork collection at the Cotto Another Perspective 4 exhibition as part of 2016 Milan Design Week.

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A graduate from École Supérieure d'Art et de Design Saint Étienne, Schnur has seen his work presented at design shows at both national and international levels. The list includes IMM Cologne, Maison et Objet Paris, Salone del Mobile Milan, ICFF New York, BODW Hong Kong, and more.

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