The Traditional Male Shaving RZR Ritual

"...With an aesthetic stripped down to its bare essentials, the razor looks as good as it works functionally. Of the highest aspirational minimalisms..."

A new shaving ritual has been re-born, with RZR hoping to convert men back to the traditional rituals of male shaving. Without installing images of archaic shaving methods in your head, RZR don’t intend to compromise the comfort that is otherwise provided by modern-day ‘state of the art’ shaving products either.

A Netherlands based design company, the original concept behind RZR was to combat the opinion that mens razors have become too similar to those used by women. Aiming for a razor with distinct masculinity, SATORI & SCOUT is shown that the final product equals modern day comfortability whilst successfully returning back to traditional shaving craftsmanships.

With blades engineered in a way that provides a larger contact area with your face (remember, gents only), the RZR makes for a natural shaving process without any hinges or modern ball devices; the most durable of hinges is used instead – your wrist. Not featuring any flexballs or anything of that nature, the razor is highly durable and is built to last. With blades of premium alloy quality, shaving is arguably so comfortable that all the added chemicals or lubricants that most other commercial brands depend upon become redundant. Commercial manufacturers essentially neglect authenticity and masculinity by installing lubra strips, smoothing polymers and moisturising gel reservoirs in their razors, RZR claim, and such are merely marketing tactics. With an aesthetic stripped down to its bare essentials, the razor looks as good as it works functionally. Of the highest aspirational minimalisms, SATORI & SCOUT love RZR!

Equal to the aforementioned concept, RZR was also born out of eco-footprint origins, with the razor’s titanium materiality allowing the brand to offer a lifelong warranty with every purchase and with the razors being 100% metallic there is an easy separation during each redundant-blades’ recycling stage. Due to the razor’s warranty, any purchase of a RZR razor is most definitely for the long term, and each can be purchased for €89 (£70) with any subsequent blades just €1,50 (£1.20). An honest price for an honest design.

With a fantastic halfway solution between old fashioned craftsmanship and present day shaving luxuries, RZR have really pushed the boundary on their male-only grooming device, and SATORI & SCOUT have an incline that their technology is here to stay, most definitely.

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RZR Statement

Shaving is a male ritual and should not be interfered by the feminisation of care products. From Eindhoven but for every man, watch RZR comfortably cut through all mass-market competition....

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9 Design
8.5 Innovation
7 Usability
9.5 Value

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  • Hiya, so sorry the Kickstarter campaign didn’t make It I was really looking forward to using my new razor. I do hope you are still going to proceed with development of this great looking product.

    Kind Regards,

    Best of luck,

    Terry Evans

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