The Simple, Essential Camera Stand

"...Object 005 by BASE is a camera stand that offers the ability to hold and protect your camera..."

How do you store your camera? Do you put the camera on one side, leave it in the camera bag or within its original cardboard packaging, or perhaps any other place? BASE is an object design company based out of San Francisco (USA) and SATORI & SCOUT reckon you might just be about to read about the single most essential camera accessory you could affordably need and desire.

Object 005 is a camera stand that offers the ability to hold and protect your camera by storing the electronical device elevated on your desk. Elevated to protect the camera from desktop dust and liquid spills, the black stand is suitable for most DSLR and Mirrorless or Micro 4/3 camera body sizes, and is complete with soft plastic pads to protect the camera.

If your camera is your prized possession, ensure that it is safely stored without being out of sight and unappreciated. Perhaps as a desktop statement piece or simply an essential storage unit, BASE’s Object 005 is really actually quite innovative, despite being super simple. Sold via DSPTCH, a design and manufacturing company that is a proud member of SFMade which supports the manufacturing community within the San Francisco area, realise your camera essential and purchase yours online at

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