The Punkt MP02 With A Mindful Focus

"...With the recent launches of the Apple iPhone Xs, do you have a preference between the two - one, super connected, the other, much less so? Read on to discover the Punkt MP02..."

Are you looking for balance when it comes to mobile phone usage, whether that be social media, emails or even text messaging? As Petter Neby, founder of Punkt, describes, “If anyone wants to talk to me, they can give me a call. Other forms of communication, for example email or social media, are available when I choose to use them, and via a linked device that allows me to use them more effectively.” It is certainly an interesting idea, and with the recent launches of the Apple iPhone Xs, do you have a preference between the two – one, super connected, the other, much less so? Read on to discover the Punkt MP02.

A small Swiss company which SATORI & SCOUT have featured on several occasions, Punkt have released it’s mindful mobile phone design at this week’s London Design Festival, and such a product launch caught SATORI & SCOUT’s eye when we visited. Without all the press and noise which Apple likes to make, Punkt’s launch was somewhat polar and this product collaboration with Jasper Morrison could not be more irresistibly intriguing.

With the previous MP01 heralded as being ‘unsmart’ as opposed to the typical ‘smartphone’, the newer MP02 is certainly equally unique. Firstly, built for connecting with people, the phone is very comfortable to hold and use, and features excellent audio quality and battery life; a phone that actually works as a phone, with up-to-the-minute styling and an interface that is elegant and efficient. A low-key design to match such a fundamental premise, the phone is built around effective simplicity: press the phonebook button to make a call, press the text button to send a message, and for everything else, there’s a fast, lean menu system: up, down, select, go.

Secondly wanting to make the ‘internet a tool’, when you feel that it is your time to connect online, the MP02’s 4G LTE integral connection can be shared with a tablet/laptop to allow for easier typing and a bigger screen; adopting a two screen approach, the internet is re-imagined as not necessarily being a convenience.  Focus is also at a premium in the digital age and putting you in charge of notifications, the MP02 makes it easier to be in the moment where you are, whether that’s a family weekend away or an important business meeting; no more barrages of instant notifications. Equally minimalist in terms of it’s display screen, the interface’s monochrome+ (black, white, occasional red) colourway is a welcome intrigue alongside the 100% text-based display; with no icons whatsoever, how would the kids of today cope?

Secured with all of Blackbery’s renown security technology, this workstation is a world first in that no other non-BlackBerry phone has had such capability before. Boasting a solid construction with reinforced glass-fibre and finished with a tough, abrasion-resistant coating, the phone feels as solid in the hand as much as secure in the digital ether. Very well-balanced and designed for single-handed use, this phone is everything for keeping, and never replacing.

Certainly aimed at the conscious consumer who is perhaps mindfully above the smartphone lifestyle, this almost detox-like mobile phone will certainly be a welcome addition to many people’s lives. A fine line between connection and disconnection from the world’s noise, this phone delivers everything in moderation and maybe other smartphone manufacturers ought to take note?

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(Photography Credit : Punkt)

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