The Perfect T-Shirts By Son Of A Tailor

"...Son of a Tailor celebrate all things 'custom' and embrace technology to create a t-shirt that is perfect-designed to anyone, anywhere..."

SATORI & SCOUT often have a hard time finding a perfect-fit t-shirt, and whether that is because of our studio’s characteristically lanky or our square-shaped persons’ stature and natural body, or because so many retailers and designers only manufacture ‘best-fit’ alternatives these days, let us introduce you to Son of a Tailor, our new favourite t-shirt brand. Made to your exact measurements from the highest quality cotton in the world, such a brand is even responsibly made in Europe.

Believing that innovation is the shape the future of the fashion industry, Son of a Tailor celebrate all things ‘custom’ and embrace technology to create a t-shirt that is perfect-designed to anyone, anywhere. Made to order t-shirts that are custom fitted to every customer of theirs, it is each item’s look, deep-colour, quality and essential durability that equally improve any t-shirt’s lifespan to ensure that your wardrobe essential fits you well, forever.

Ethically sourcing their materials and circumnavigating any mass-production, any customer can select their desired sizes, design and colour and every t-shirt to then be manufactured to any exact specification, whether that be fitted, loose or somewhere in between depending on your preference. With a super straight-forward browsing and checkout experience, there is nothing hard about finding and wearing that perfect fitted t-shirt.

Already an essential in all SATORI & SCOUT’s studio team’s wardrobe – of which, we particularly love the dark grey and black colourways, though the brand has recently introduced four new hues: petrol blue, camel, chestnut and teal – our experience of selecting and purchasing our clothing items was seamless (pun, intended). Looking across all our team’s fantastic selection, it seems our favourite choices includes the essential short sleeve t-shirt with a folded sleeve, crew neck and a pointed breast pocket – oh, and you can even add your own initials to every t-shirt, how amazing is that. All in the details.

SATORI & SCOUT particularly love how you can literally design every aspect of the t-shirt, and you are able to customise the material, colour, neckline, sleeves and pocket. With extra long staple cotton sourced from California used on every t-shirt, upon receipt of your items and first-wearing, you will really be impressed about how well-fit and high-quality the finishes are. To achieve such a perfect fit, their website offers a unique algorithm to work-out your size based on you inputting your weight and height etc, but also giving you the ability to custom-size the item, SATORI & SCOUT are confident you will be very impressed irrespective of how you achieved such a final product. Super-soft and without any pilling – you know,  the small balls of fibre that appear after a garment has been washed – SATORI & SCOUT are genuinely really impressed with Son of a Tailor – here’s to many more product launches and forever pushing the boundaries within their industry!

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Would You Prefer To Personally Try The T-shirts On?

Visit the studio in Copenhagen (Denmark) where the brand will have their latest colours, styles and fabrics on display, plus someone to help you with measuring or guidance to find your perfect fit. Nothing ever a chore...

(Photography Credit : Son of a Tailor)

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