The (New) Segway-Hoverboard 2.0 Combo

"...Introducing the Hoverboard 2.0, this segway x hoverboard combination is the perfect lazy transport method..."

You may or may not have seen or heard the transport of the future featured on television, in a podcast, along the high street, or elsewhere, but the hoverboard is increasingly becoming accessible for those not just with deep pockets. When you call for the benefits of the hoverboard, SATORI & SCOUT would probably reckon that you couldn’t name many and that this is all but a marketing ploy and futile product design considering that we have legs to walk (and stand on said hoverboard). How about combining a hoverboard with a segway? It was bound to happen at some point, right?

Introducing the Hoverboard 2.0, this segway x hoverboard combination is the perfect lazy transport method, and whether you can or can’t justify ever owning one, we would have to agree that technology has certainly come a long way to even be able to offer such a product.

With a very-modern design that features minimal detailing, the hoverboard 2.0 includes a retractable steering column that can transform the hoverboard into a segway, and even when not in use, acts in part as the hoverboards ‘brain’. Designed by designers who have the opportunity to iterate on the hoverboard 1.0, this version includes a third central wheel to improve stability and manoeuvrability, a screen monitor to display performance and battery life, a curved base for improved drive, and integrated LED strips along the wheel arch to improve other commuters awareness (and look cool simultaneously, of course). See more about the design in the following video:

Discover more about the designer online at:

The Dawn Of The Future Age

How quick are things changing for you, and do you reckon that these kind of future-age designs are really 2018? The world of automotion is years ahead of many other industries and when we look at their electric vehicle development, how long is it that we see more hoverboards than we do skateboards?

(Photography Credit :  Nikhil Kapoor)

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8 Innovation
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