The New Bang & Olufsen (Rolling) Edge

"...Titled the Beosound Edge, the product design has everything but an edge given it's circular shape..."

As you all know, SATORI & SCOUT love a good piece of audio kit when it sees one and has the absolute pleasure of discovering many brands with all their awesome designs on a regular basis. Never particularly wanting to show bias towards any brand of any genre, however Bang & Olufsen (B&O) really do love to keep on launching absolutely insane designs that hit all the high notes in terms of quality and timelessness; arguably (and rightfully) SATORI & SCOUT’s favourite brand.

Our studio love a good juxtaposition (probably also noticeable) and this launch is the absolutely epitome of one. Titled the Beosound Edge, the product design has everything but an edge given it’s circular shape, and is an object trying to be entirely minimalist and yet has a size that is absolutely statement-sized in any room, small or large. Wireless to enable you to position the speaker anywhere which you’d like, with such flexibility in it’s positioning, you really do wonder when you first see the product, ‘what on earth is that?’

Designed by Michael Anastassiades, the wireless speaker has been made all the less inconspicuous and gone full circle to become any interior’s main attention piece. With all eyes and attention on such an object, there is nothing complicated about the design given that it is the humble circle. With all the wires and workings hidden within the object with nothing trailing behind, the speaker is simply stunning.

Manufactured from aluminium, the Beosound Edge’s metal body is again bold in it’s colour contrast to the deep black fabric cover, and yet is highly subtle in the room given it’s high reflectivity and wafer-thin thickness. The most amazing part of the design is arguably it’s sound controls. Get this: to adjust the volume upwards you simply roll the speaker forwards, and of course, backwards to reduce the sound levels. How unique is that(?), that the sound is controlled by the speaker’s positioning. Just be careful though, you might want to watch it when you’re cleaning around the device, you wouldn’t want to turn it on one time and suddenly it is blasting out AC/DC at full volume to wake all the neighbours. The Beosound Edge is anticipated to launch in November.

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Divine in Audio Clarity

Very unique minimal, the design object delivers a powerfully dynamic sound performance for the home. Offering it's intuitive touch and motion, this speaker is absolutely divine in precision and audio clarity. Every high note on our tick list.

(Photography Credit : Bang & Olufsen)

9 Design
9.5 Innovation
9.5 Usability
5.5 Value

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