The Liquid Black Bandit9

"...Synonymous with bandit9, the simplicity of it's form and svelte-like design has become iconic and instantly recognisable..."

A curious bike that warrants an even more curious owner, is black the new black? With motorcycle design often a motorsports category that see’s much repeat in design and capabilities – there is only so much a bike can do on two wheels within a generally long body – there can sometimes be extreme designs that are beyond all that, and seek to impress as much as they do whether the engine is on or off.

Eve, a motorcycle that has been launched by bandit9, is definitely arguably their pièce de résistance of their wide array of space-race design roster. Now exhibited in museums and galleries across the world, from USA to Sweden to Japan, the Eve has now been successfully archived as a design classic, and a collectors item. With a vision of the future and a defiance toward all the more typical motorcycle categories, the Vietnamese motorcycle brand bandit9 has just launched a stylishly dark edition of its most popular motorcycle to date: the Eve in liquid black.

Retaining much of it’s predecessor’s bullet-shaped tank which has grown synonymous with bandit9, the simplicity of it’s form and svelte-like design has become iconic and instantly recognisable, so much so that it seems natural to question why such a design wasn’t invented 50 years prior. With much research gone into how it is possible to perfect the craft of bending a singular sheet of stainless steel into the Eve motorcycle’s body, the seamless design mimics that of a water droplet as it carries all the of engineering and fuel tank that the motorcycle engine requires, whilst at the same time being a super comfortable seat. Of artisan commitment, the all black colourway is a limited edition with only nine units to be released.

Offering a rather understated elegance, there are no hints that such a thing of beauty is restricted from actually being driven, far from, with such a design ideal for any road or trek. SATORI & SCOUT only wishes they knew first hand…

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bandit9 Inspiration

Inspired by science fiction, the space race and all things luxurious, and a fusing of all high-engineering and machinery that has to be offered, a bandit9 bike might just be your next lust...

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