Storing The Hanging Stove Seat

"...Able to be hung on the included wall-mounted peg or along a peg rail, Stove's very simple storage capability is actually quite unique..."

Is there a reason why the simplest of ideas are often the most powerful, useful and novel? There must be. Introducing a moment of ‘Why isn’t anyone else doing this today?’, the Stove chair by Gabriel Tan is just fantastic. In a world where our homes, restaurants, bars and cafes are all getting smaller, this novel approach seeks to overcome the resounding issue of storage.

With designer Tan asking himself: “…what is the smallest functional chair that could still be comfortable to sit on?”, the resulting concept – Stove – delivered a three-legged chair with a short backrest and a seat shape inspired by the shaker stove. Able to be hung on the included wall-mounted peg or along a peg rail, Stove’s very simple storage capability is actually quite unique.

As Tan explains, “…the chair is really about two things I love the most about the shakers, one: that they hung their furniture and stuff on the wall when they don’t use it, it’s such a clever idea and I thought ‘why isn’t anyone doing this today?’; and two: the unusual shape of the wood-fire Shaker Stove.”

Agile and light enough to be hung on any wall, the chair’s elegance almost makes the object a sculpture in the room. With a small convex seat and a small upright backrest, the chair is very simple by any means. Made from quality timbers, Stove is an ideal chair for any contemporary or rustic home.

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A Chair With More Than Meets The Eye

A strong and durable seating solution that is as visually impactful when hung from the wall as it is comfortable to sit on when on the floor, Stove's multifunctional characteristics are something that SATORI & SCOUT applaud.

(Photography Credit : Charlie Schuck)

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9 Innovation
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