Scandinavian Bohemian By Trimm

"...Each of these outdoor furniture options are the ideal patio addition whether you're a sunseeker, yogi, or being honest, anyone..."

Spring is soon coming and as we signal the end of another January, let’s introduce our first warm-weather-based article of 2018. Arguably part of a much bigger picture, but the general enjoyment of company in the garden under moonlight and/or on the warmest of summer days is unbelievably special, connecting us to the outdoors in the comfort of our homes. In line with this, is it now worth you thinking about how to upgrade your patio living?

Arriving in Spring 2018, TRIMM Copenhagen are releasing their new outdoors furniture collection, and rather than be a typical outdoors set, are designed to be placed right on the floor. If the floor doesn’t take your fancy then each are designed to perfectly rest on wooden crate palettes, but either way, the ability to configure your own formal-comfort space is quite cool. Perfect for a hygge top-up in your home, SATORI & SCOUT reckon each of these outdoor furniture options are the ideal patio addition whether you’re a sunseeker, yogi, or being honest, anyone.

Multicoloured in seven colour combinations, each cushion is available in two sizes and features strong magnets to allow a connection between other mattresses. Also offering a Connect Mattress that allows stacking and the creation of loungers, and their pairing partners, the Duo Color Cushion and Tube Cushion for additional comfort, this entire combination has great mileage in complementing your decking game. Just add plants in bags and trays for that photogenic look.

Discover more about the designers online at:

Scandinavian Bohemian

The bohemian-chic look is a different style entirely, but sprinkle some Scandinavian design flair in there and the result is a kind of combination that really works. Just helping you to enjoy that aspirational lifestyle.

(Photography Credit : TRIMM Copenhagen)

8 Design
7.5 Innovation
8 Usability
6 Value

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