Popsicle Handyfan Of Nostalgia

"...We can really see this design becoming a reality, we all need a Handyfan on those long commutes if nothing else..."

As the Summer months get ever closer – yes, we know, it hasn’t even been Spring yet – we are likely to be one day told that it will is predicted to be ‘the hottest Summer since records began’, and fear not, you can now re-live all those nostalgic popsicle-sucking moments of yesteryear with a design of familiar sorts.

Designed by Korean design student ‘7 Nepo‘, this playfully designed fan is as cool-looking as it is cool-ventilating. A design that features a fan within the popsicle part of the sweet-tasting treat, it’s novelty design is entirely rooted to it’s nostalgic association; how good was it when you used to finish school, ride home and be given a popsicle by your parents as you sweat in the Summer sun after playing football and/or chill in the playground with your friends?

Focussing on the design itself, this highly portable ventilating fan features a leather strap for added utility, and SATORI & SCOUT can really see this design becoming a reality; we all need a Handyfan on those long commutes, if nothing else (though shouldn’t the strap be rigid to allow the Handyfan to be held vertical rather than only hung?). Complete with a USB charging port, this fun and super-colourful project really echo’s that sometimes the best (or at least, most creative) of designs are often those simplest.

Discover more about the design student online at: Behance.net

Playful Form Follows Function

If this design took form follows function literally, then of course, the design would not be a popsicle, but rather a circular fan with little else. The fan has been re-imagined by virtue of its popsicle design, and quite truly, when else would you actually need a fan than when you need a popsicle to cool down? Neat idea.

(Photography Credit : 7 Nepo)

7 Design
6.5 Innovation
8 Usability
5.5 Value

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