Plant Lamps Shine Nature In Darkness

"...Plants play a major art in our day to day lives, and the cleverness of this little Mygdal plant design is really aspirational..."

When it comes to well-being, there can be little better than to immerse yourself in nature. With an important role in our urban environment, unfortunately not everyone has ready access to the beauty of such greenness, though. Via the smart design of the plant light Mygdal, such a stylish and functional in nature product will enable you to bring the outside in, even in the darkest of places.

Designed by Nui Studio, the Mygdal lamp is a completely autonomous ecosystem that allows plants to photosynthesize themselves in the most unlikely of environments. With nature and glassware obvious core aspects to the design, Mygdal means ‘fertile soil’ when translated from Danish to English, and the name is also a tribute to the glassmaker Peter Kuchinke who is from the village of Mygdal (Denmark). Designed as pendant lamps as well as an inverted standing lamp, such luminaries are really quite innovative by way of its usage of electrically conductive glass for its power source to the LED. The aesthetically pleasing combination of innovative technology and light, and plants inside a uniquely wonderful mouth-blown and hand-finished glass lamp certainly creates a soothing and calm atmosphere.

Plants play a major art in our day to day lives, and the cleverness of this little design is really aspirational. Requiring little ventilation or irrigation to stay looking great, SATORI & SCOUT reckon a Mygdal plant would be an ideal addition to any aspirational home, or lifestyle (or office, even)…

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Formerly Studio We Love Eames

Driven by their underwhelming passion to create solutions, Nui Studio (formerly Studio We Love Eames) explores 'unconventional ideas to enrich the daily life.'

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