Pium’s Automated Scent Diffusion

"...Pium's new smart diffuser is a new invention that combines Internet of Things with your favourite aromatherapy scents..."

The benefit of fragrances around any home is profound towards anyone’s higher wellbeing, and Pium’s new smart diffuser is a new invention that combines Internet of Things with your favourite aromatherapy scents. Designed to be emitted at specific times of the day via an integration with the Internet of Things, this scent diffuser is set to instantly improve anyone’s home’s living quarters.

Currently a startup, Pium has already secured funding via Kickstarter, and their new design is set to launch one day soon. Working entirely by automation of introducing your scent of choice to your home (or work) environment, a user can simply command’s the little cylinder of joy via a smartphone app, SONOS, Apple Watch, Google Home or Amazon Echo (take your pick). Emitting the optimal amount of scent for the desired results, the Internet of Things has particularly revolutionised scent diffusers in this seemingly simple (and commonsensical) design.

With scents stored in miniature capsules, each of natural essential oils, any three can be loaded into the device at any one time. As Pium suggests, rosemary for the morning (for wake-up stimulation), lavender at night (for sleep (obviously)), peppermint for the working day, and cherry blossom for romance; the list goes on, but you can instantly see the benefit that such a device would provide. With adjustable intensities through the day and the cleverness of knowing whether you are nearby or not to appropriately adjust it’s output accordingly, have you ever thought that one-day scent diffusers could even be voice automated (via Google Home / Amazon Echo)? No, we didn’t either.

Discover more about the successfully funded project online at: Kickstarter.com

Automation By Internet Of Things

Entirely dependent on Internet of Things, this device is automated to never require any input from you whatsoever, unless of course, you suddenly have a mad craving for peppermint at 3am, etc.

(Photography Credit : Pium)

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8.5 Innovation
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