Orijeen Color-Flow Gradient Furniture

"...Chameleon-esque furniture, the furniture is well-placed in the design studio's roster of human-product-relationship pieces..."

Magic is well-known to be a trickery of the eye, but how about colour-changing furniture that quite literally changes colour? With shades of purples, pinks, greens and blues, the usage of lenticular technology has been applied wonderfully to create these gradient surfaces that would o-so wow any onlooker.

Able to change colour depending on any person’s position and movement, this not-so-subtle visual change has been designed to remind you of the relationship between an object and the user. Wonderfully satisfying, this colour scheme practically goes against all other designers who attempt to make an object as monochromatic as possible.

Designed by Korean-based studio Orijeen, the collection called ‘color flow’ comprises two freestanding storage pieces that are complete with fantastic curves to become the statement piece of any room it will ever reside in. Chameleon-esque furniture, the furniture is well-placed in the design studio’s roster of human-product-relationship pieces, but how will they fare in your own home? Beautiful SATORI & SCOUT reckons…

Discover more about the designers online at: Orijeen.com

Monochromatic x Colourful

Depending on whichever angle you stand you will see this furniture differently from another user. Entirely championing spatial awareness in a way no monochromatic piece of furniture could, maybe such technology will be more widely applied. Would be awfully 'funky' though wouldn't it?

(Photography Credit : Orijeen)

8 Design
10 Innovation
7.5 Usability
6 Value

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