Organise With Turkish Llun Paperclips

"...Entirely enjoyable, Llun's cleverly designed paperclips are perhaps one of those 'essential small things' that we all need..."

A paperclip should be as inspirational as the text disclosed within any book, or so SATORI & SCOUT are now proclaiming. Inspired by traditional motifs, this little collection is adorable as it is functional, artistic as they are fun.

Available in nickel or brass, Llun’s figures of Turkey’s ‘eli belinde’, ‘koc boynuzu’ and ‘akrep’ are the main ideas behind such pleasant ornamental shapes, also inclusive of a set of circles/hearts and a set of small clips. Entirely enjoyable, Llun’s cleverly designed paperclips are perhaps one of those ‘essential small things’ that we all need. Ideal for notebooks, textbooks, and magazines – as you might imagine -, but these are equally suitable as a brooch for your jumper or dress that sits on your collar.

Designed by Turkey’s Llun (designer and creator Efil Türk), who are makers of unique graphic materials, these paperclips are simple, contemporary and in every way complementary to the materials used. Enjoy.

Discover more about the designer and purchase online at:

Beautiful Paperclips. Possible?

Truth to heritage and material, who'd have thought a paperclip could be such a design talking point. Often infrequently used, maybe it's time to upgrade your paperclip game.

(Photography Credit : Llun)

8 Design
9 Innovation
9 Usability
9 Value

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