Native Union Designs Minimalist Dock

"...Sleek and minimal, Native Union's charging docks are a beautiful geometric design that offers a huge amount of versatility in charging..."

Minimalism is a dish best served useful and rarely do we find minimalist designs truly form follows function. One such aspect that is perhaps of utmost importance to Apple phone users – Android, sadly not available for you this time – is the ability to charge your beloved devices, and these docks by Native Union are just perfect in so many ways.

Sleek and minimal, Native Union’s charging docks are a beautiful geometric design that offers a huge amount of versatility in charging. Suitable for smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch alike, these midnight blue / gold and stone-coloured / rose gold combinations are simply delightful.

SATORI & SCOUT sees these simple designs as a total complement to the architecture of an Apple phone, and you really cannot imagine any Apple designer doing a better job. Of sturdy silicone, the watch-charging docks feature an aluminum arm to enable you to adjust the angle of the watch, whilst the smartphone dock features a short backrest. The apple dock is designed as so to allow you to have the dock vertically and use your watch as a bedtime clock at night, with the horizontal orientation more suited for general use.

Really have technology devices been so ‘less is more’.

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Apple For Sustainability, Social Welfare et al.

Apple are a fantastic company, there is no two ways about it, and yes, we shall admit that every designer under the sun probably gives them a glowing testimonial. The company is seriously forward thinking in so many ways, for example, logistics, social welfare, sustainability etc. That said, you'd have thought they themselves might have been able to design something so complementary as this...

(Photography Credit : Native Union)

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