Nakefit Slip-on Soles For Barefoot Situations

"...Stick on soles, the hypoallergenic adhesive NakeFit pads give you the freedom to walk freely wherever you want without having to wear shoes..."

Have you ever walked along the beach and wow(!) is the sand hot; or alternatively, gone on a morning run and thought to yourself, I wonder what it would be like to do this how humans were invented, barefoot? With a high chance of sticks and stones injuring our feet upon both activities, NakeFit is a new solution that is looking to help you have confidence in the barefoot method.

The rather unsophisticated ‘Barefoot Method’ – kind of catchy – has been intelligently complemented by NakeFit designs. Stick on soles, the hypoallergenic adhesive pads give you the freedom to walk freely wherever you want without having to wear shoes. On the beach, at the pool-side, in the spa, walking on rocks, running on roads, the opportunity for an occasion to go barefoot is abundant.

Designed and produced in Italy, the Nakefit non-slip designs are waterproof, in addition to featuring a protective layer for any cuts or sores. With the patent pending, and with all the soles manufactured without any harm to the environment by way of recycling, the soles are quite literally, how nature intended; think of it as an extra layer of skin, only this time, available in black, pink or blue.

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Forget Your Flipflops?

Maybe you're down at the beach and you enter the sand as the morning begins to break, having just walked 10 minutes down the hill. The paths are getting sandier as you approach the beach and upon locating a spot on the sand in the distance you realise that you forgot your flip-flops. Slip on a sole, and off you go...

(Photography Credit : NakeFit)

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8 Innovation
8.5 Usability
7 Value

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