More Than Just Apple(s) Macintosh

"...Guinet's integration of exotic botanical species with apple computers has combined to be a careful manipulation of lush greenery..."

From apples to exotic plants, Christophe Guinet has creatively turned vintage Apple computers into exotic plants’ pots. When you thought that buying an Apple Mac or Laptop was expensive as it is, did you know that they can double up as an ideal plant growth object?

As Christophe Guinet explains, “…disconnect and think nature!”, relating to his latest botanical art series. Titled “Plant your Mac!”, Guinet’s project seeks to combat our exceedingly over-dependent always-connected technological society and integrate elements from nature’s finest directly into some of the world’s most recognised technology devices, and where better to start than Apple computers. Converting a series of Apple computers of varying ages and eras (though mostly ‘vintage’ units from the 1990s), Guinet has created some creatively bespoke terrariums that are each designed for different plant species.

As you might have imagined, each have adopted a namesake similar to those of Apple, with ‘MacBonzaï’, ‘MaCactus’, and ‘MaCarnivor’ taking the forefront attention. Also known as Monsieur Plant, Guinet’s integration of exotic botanical species with Apple computers has combined to be a careful manipulation of lush greenery, and whether each plant grows outwards from a screen, or sprouts vertically from a mouse, these computers really have been re-imagined. Emblems of bygone technology, this ‘Plant your Mac!’ project certainly invites you to more greatly consider the integration of nature into our lives.

Discover more about the designer at Monsieur Plant.

Apples and Oranges (Without The Oranges)

From iMac to Mac, Desktop to Powerbook, Power Mac to G4, mice to headphones, Guinet's work certainly has you thinking...

(Photography Credit : Monsieur Plant)

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9.5 Creativity
8 Culturality
8 Interactiveness

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