Miniature Cat Furniture

"...A series of scaled-down versions of everyday furniture in a bid to satisfy cat's most curious needs: sleep..."

Don’t like cats? Don’t read on. Love cats? This might be heaven. New product trends come and go, and everyone realises that trends can be geo-located, but the idea of manufacturing furniture specifically for pets is a bit too far, no? Afterall, cats love sitting on their owners, let alone on one side of any sofa or bed.

Recently unveiled, a Japanese manufacturer has gone about designing a series of scaled-down versions of everyday furniture in a bid to satisfy cat’s most curious needs: sleep. In a bid to create and monopolise an entirely new market, this idea by Okawa is certainly novel and is attempting to also capitalise on a Japanese area famous for its craftsmen: Fukuoka. With traditional crafts at their disposal, from woodworking, hardware-making and glass-blowing, such an attempt is well founded; we all wish cats had their own furniture from time to time.

With various internet campaigns going viral (as you might expect, these photographs are adorable), the furniture designs are near identical to their human counterpart versions. Feline friends, you best be appreciative with your own bed.

Discover more about the cat furniture online at:

How Far Do You Go With This Concept?

One day sofa's, next day private gardens and/or personal homes, how far do you go with this concept? SATORI & SCOUT can only imagine this idea taking off and quickly becoming much more than a whimsical trend, perhaps a world-ending tyranny.

(Photography Credit : Okawa)

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7.5 Innovation
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