Meditation x Modern Design Cushions

"...Project Full's focus is a fusion of modern design, simplicity, ethical production and sustainable materials..."

With the rise in popularity of meditation, yoga, pilates and all other mindful exercise methods, it is no surprise that a design-led brand has found itself win the hearts of such an audience. Of Kickstarter origins, Project Full is a brand founded by architects and industrial designers who are all passionate about meditation and committed to living a mindful lifestyle. Based out of San Francisco (USA), Project Full’s focus is a fusion of modern design, simplicity, ethical production and sustainable materials.

Highly accessible cushions that are perfect for instant comfort in any quiet spot, each are handcrafted in USA and are a result from a partnership with Designing a Difference. Via the trusted partnership, every purchase of a meditation cushion will support creating job opportunities and employment for people with employment barriers via a workforce training program in manufacturing.  Triangular in shape and nicely proportioned, these cushions are super portable via a quality leather handle and available in a variety of pastel colourways – charcoal, moonrock, natural, rosewood, and slate grey. You can now stay super focused irrespective of where you wish to practice your mind.

SATORI & SCOUT are big fans of any brand that prioritises organic materials and Project Full are no different. A fantastic startup.

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Aesthetically Pleasing Triangular Shapes

As aesthetically pleasing to look at as they are to sit on, you could perhaps hang your meditation cushion on the wall when each are not in use? Just an idea.

(Photography Credit : Project Full)

8.5 Design
6 Innovation
8 Usability
7 Value

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