Looking Into The Future With 3D-Printed Eye-Wear

"...Titled KiteONE, such a project is a well-curated collection of modular glasses that are all produced following the personalisation of all their designs..."

3D printing promises a wonderful future, however, how many times have you read articles and thought that such technology is all well and good…only should you have the technology and said printer. Introducing Kite, a London-based brand that has teamed up with Layer to create a service technology to take 3D scans of their customers’ faces to then create perfectly-fitting eye-wear. Allowing a huge variety of customisations and details to which to modify, is the future of eye-wear not in having one-to-one opinions and glasses’ design at a local opticians, but for a 3D printer to handle all the appointment’s hassle?

Titled ‘KiteONE’, such a project is a well-curated collection of modular glasses that are all produced following the personalisation of all their designs based on any head’s size, proportions and angles. A technology which is a first in such an industry where to date, 3D printing has mostly occurred in engineering or creative design industries, such a solution promises to deliver the ultimate comfort and aesthetic creativity.

Boasting all sorts of intuition and creative flair opportunities, the transfer of the creative process to the glasses’ wearer as opposed to remaining with the eye-wear’s designers and makers is really quite unique; they always say that eye-wear wearers have their glasses as a permanent character feature on their face, so why should such a personal feature to any one individual that is seen on someone’s face almost permanently not be designed by the wear him/herself?

In order to take part, customers are to visit a Kite eye-wear store to have their head and face scanned by a handheld scanner. Recording all sorts of dimensions such as the distance between pupils, head and nose width, and ear positioning, all customers are to experience one of the most scientifically advanced eye tests they’ll ever have. With your digital eye-wear next created following your own creative input, glasses are then 3D printed, finished and dyed. Leaving with the ‘most accurate prescription possible’, as marketed by Kite, the eye-wear’s personalised design is matched with the glasses’ own scratch-resistant coating, 100% UV protection and lens thinning which are all features included in the price to give you the ultimate eye-wear (supposedly).

At the moment restricted to Shoreditch, London (UK) – obviously, East London – check back on Kite’s store locator and await a store coming to a city near you.  Currently only available in three different colours, namely charcoal, moss green and brick red, SATORI & SCOUT hope that more options will be delivered soon for the brand to truly become a one-stop personalised eye-wear concept.

Discover more about the eye-wear brand online at: KiteEyewear.com

The Future Of Eyewear?

Visionary design, artisanal construction, revolutionary ideas, KITE's independence away from an multinational brand association allows them to re-imagine the world of eyewear as you know it. Tempted? We are.

(Photography Credit : KITE)

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