High Aesthetic Minimalist Flower Vessels

"...Designed by Guilherme Wentz, these copper pipe 'beauties' are simply stunning..."

Minimalism is a fine art and a genre that SATORI & SCOUT particularly enjoys exploring, but these contemporary flower pots are about as minimalistic as you could ever get. Admittedly, no actual object to house the flower is a more minimal option, but assuming rational thought, these objects strip everything right back to exhibit each plant stem in all their glory.

Designed by Guilherme Wentz, these copper pipe ‘beauties’ are simply stunning. Each holding one leaf or flower each, “…the Solo Vase is a proposal to bring nature into the home in a delicate and unconventional way,” as Wentz describes. Available in two versions, one vertical with a height of one meter and a right angle at its summit for stability against a wall, and the other a horizontally aligned and acutely angled variation with a sliced ending to provide stability and an ‘infinity’ appearance, both would complement any contemporary style.

The stalk of any flower seamlessly disappears inside both vessels and their longevity is maintained with a transparent varnish to prevent any copper oxidation. Cut and manufactured by hand, SATORI & SCOUT are already counting how many to add to our studio.

Discover more about the designer and shop online at: GuilhermeWentz.com

Less Is More, More Or Less

If you can imagine both these objects with stability bases, how much flair but their objects lose? The beauty of both is very much in the material's form being so elegant and there is always a fine balance between too much and not enough.

(Photography Credit : Guilherme Wentz)

10 Design
8 Innovation
8 Usability
6.5 Value

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