Garden Relaxing In A Kodama Zome

"...The Kodama Zomes can be used in several ways: as a bed, love seat, private reading place or makeshift hammock..."

SATORI & SCOUT think we may have just scouted the best thing we will see all 2016. A bold claim, but there really cannot be any better way of life than to have a relaxing spot in the great outdoors, and whether you have the luxury of sun and heat all year around, or are limited to Great Britain’s summer months, SATORI & SCOUT are confident you will love what are called Kodama Zomes. Our favourite new little chill spot.

As hanging geodesic frame structures, the Kodama Zomes can be used in several ways: as an outdoor bed, love seat, private reading place or makeshift hammock, their size and weightless-shape make for endless possibilities. Allowing you to sway back and forth as you desire (nothing too original on the face of it), it is it’s shear amount of support that makes for a unique experience, acting more like a lounge chair than a cloth hammock, let alone considering it’s high-design. Offering cushions of varying colours, stands, accessories and covers, Kodama Zomes have you covered should you be wanting that all so perfect addition to your garden.

With a shape originally designed by revolutionary architect Buckminster Fuller, the natural geometry provides the inspiration behind the brand name, whereby “zome” is the combination of zonohedra and dome. An artistic structure of engineering and art, the well proportioned structure really is a game changer in the face of comfortable living. Beyond the home, the Kodama Zome might be ideal for hospitality, providing comfort around the poolside, perhaps, or along a beach or in a spa. Of unquestionable better style than hammocks, Kodama Zomes really have redefined outdoor comfort and style.

Hand built in USA, reconnect your love with the outdoors and discover more online at

Zomes Of Custom Design

Always on the look out for innovative ways to improve their Zome design, Kodama also offer customised treehouse zomes and commercial pieces. SATORI & SCOUT reckon these are for everyone's benefit...

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