Four Bars of (Jasper Morrison) Soap

"...A joint project with renown designer Jasper Morrison, this minimalist soap is everything form follows function..."

Four bars of soap please; what can be so interesting about soap? A soon-to-be-launched product on, this bar of soap is no ordinary bar of soap.

NYC brand Good Thing has expanded their usual portfolio of home goods and is to soon offer this fine personal cleaning product. Super-simple, the trusty bar of soap has been re-imagined – in effect – to become one that is pigment and fragrance-free, focussing on what it does best, clean. A joint project with renown designer Jasper Morrison (who has designed for the likes of Vitra and Alessi, amongst many others), this minimalist soap is everything form follows function.

Four bars of soap that are moulded into one single block that can be broken up into four individual parts upon gradual usage, this cleaning product would be useful in the kitchen, powder room, or shower, a gentle and effective everyday tool. As simple as that and nothing more. 29 dollars, though.

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What's Your Soap Like?

Is your soap individually packaged with a ink-printed wrapper, and is your soap purchased individually (to cause a further four times more packaging than a unit of four soaps). We thought so. Good design does good.

(Photography Credit : Good Thing)

7 Design
9 Innovation
8 Usability
5 Value

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