Circular Economy Flatpack Toaster

"...A toaster that can easily be repaired or broken down by way of it's flatpack design. Yes, a flatpack toaster..."

Over the time at SATORI & SCOUT we have seen some interesting and novel ideas, and certainly some less commercial than others, but this design definitely has an air of common-sensibility about it. Responding to the rising in awareness around electrical waste, design graduate Kasey Hou has developed a toaster that can easily be repaired or broken down by way of it’s flatpack design. Yes, a flatpack toaster.

In accordance to attempting to increase the lifespan of electrical products – where lifespans are far ranging depending on the dispensibility and planned obsolescence of the item – it is innovative and creative designs like these that are looking to improve the way things are. Why can’t a toaster be flatpack? Why can’t anything in the world be flatpack and dismantable? Granted, we wouldn’t want to be driving around with 5 wheels on a car, but should the car be no longer needed, being flatpack would certainly help in it’s resale and recycling.

Aiming to allow the user to be able to make his/her own toaster upon delivery, the design is to enable it’s recycling upon end use. With repairing known to have limited scope, Hou decided that the best way to teach people how to repair it was for them to have to build it themselves in the first place. Arriving in a box along with all its components, the stainless-steel components are accompanied with easy-to-follow instruction manuals for assembly. The self-assembly nature of the toaster allows easy cleaning, easier repairing and even easier recycling. Win-win.

With other similar designs on the market beyond toasters such as Fairphone‘s mobile phones, the concept of the Circular Economy is really interesting and well worth understanding. Being promoted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, SATORI & SCOUT fully support its movements and have written several pieces of work and reports on the topic.

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Would You Buy A Flatpack Toaster?

The phenomenon behind flat pack has obviously seen more limelight in society as a result of that Swedish furniture manufacturer's ideas (IKEA, obviously). With many small scale projects designed on the idea, when is it time that everything becomes flat pack? Even a toaster...

(Photography Credit : Edinburgh Degree Show)

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