Bento Four In One Toolbox : Ergonomic Essential

"...A patent-pending product range, the practicality and design of the Bento series are both clear to see and experience..."

It is no secret that SATORI & SCOUT are huge fans of desk solutions and the range of designs that are hitting computer and/or furniture or design stores at the moment is really quite diverse. Some nicely minimalist-designed, some rightly ‘form follows function’, and some, well, unfortunately underwhelming. Introducing the Bento product series, this four-in-one solution ought to be your next desk essential.

A patent-pending product range, the practicality and design of the Bento series are both clear to see and experience; its materiality is equally on par – no cheap-feeling plastic parts for your desk any more. Part of a wider family of ergonomic desk accessories by Dataflex, these ‘addit’ products let you create your own personal (and aesthetically pleasing) workstation that is truly tailored to your needs. Designed and introduced due to the reality that there has been a huge surge in people working from home or commuting to a shared-desk environment at their workplace, the need for a work environment that is both flexible and clean is now more important than ever. As a Bento representative confirms, “Research shows that nearly 7 out of 10 office workers suffer from the negative effects of poor ergonomics. This should come as no surprise, considering that most people have to adopt poor posture when working at their desktop computer, notebook or tablet.”

Seeking to react to such a surge in flexible well-designed workplace demands, the totality of the Dataflex ‘addit’ series includes clever notebook and monitor risers, stands and document holders, cable management and posture supports. Focusing on just the Bento four-in-one desk solution, such a product design was designed by Dutch designer Robert Bronwasser and as explained, “…along the way of designing the Bento product series, we got inspired by how a Japanese lunchbox lets you organise, store and carry around your lunch for work. We decided it would be great to apply that concept to an ergonomic product and that is how Bento® got its name.”

Able to store (usage number one) all of your gadgets inside its main compartment – the SATORI & SCOUT team have accommodated business cards, over-head headphones, pens, small product samples, Post-it note stacks and pencil cases in ours – the Bento toolbox is strategically sized to also facilitate A4 documents and would be fantastic for both your home, office (or university et al.). The lid of the Bento box doubles up as a notebook or tablet stand (usage number two) or even a document holder (usage number three) by way of this protruding magnetic snap-on footer ledge, and via its internal click-in steel arms, you can be confident that this stand will be ever-strong and reliable on any of its four adjustable height settings. Finished inside by the nicest of soft-to-touch rubber inlays that features various tactile surfaces, and with two locations to personalise your toolbox with a business card and name label, this desk solution is really high quality, protective and professional.

Accompanying the toolbox to complete the solution, this set can also feature a monitor stand that helps to improve your body posture by raising your desktop monitor to your eye-level. As expected, this monitor stand features very strong materials (matt-powder coated steel) and is complete with two very nicely thought-out slide-in/out connectors for its adjustable height raising. Simple yet highly effective, the connectors allow for three height settings, and whichever you choose, the resulting space beneath the hollow-centred desk stand is sizable enough to store all your desk essentials and even the toolbox when not in use. Complete with rubber feet, the monitor stand ensures that your monitor is perfectly stable and that your desk remains scratch-free.

Whether you find yourself hot-desking and or working in a flexible space, this Bento desk solution offers many ergonomic and practical benefits for you, your desk’s tidiness and your hot-desking colleagues. Each product available in two colours, SATORI & SCOUT can truly recommend.

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Add More To Your Addit Desk Collection

The wider Addit collection - as the name suggests - allows you to add parts to make your entire workstation perfectly tailored to your needs. No more clutter and no more detrimental posture sitting, enjoy your new Bento product series but be careful, they really are that well-designed that you can almost forget they’re there...

(Photography Credit : Dataflex)

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8.5 Innovation
9 Usability
7.5 Value

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