Adidas Stan Smith x Danish Textiles

"...The adidas Originals x Kvadrat Stan Smith sneakers are certainly a bold move for the company..."

Building upon our recently published popup knitshop by Adidas, the American sportswear brand is continuing in taking it’s textile innovations to another level. With the Stan Smith Adidas shoe design part of their Originals, the fashion behemoth has partnered with Denmark’s textile company Kvadrat to introduce these fantastically complementary polka dot designs to their roster. SATORI & SCOUT fully appreciates the mix of colour, design and sportswear fashion.

With Denmark’s capital Copenhagen providing all the inspiration behind this new collection, it is Kvadrat’s Squares fabric by Vibeke Rohland that has been so wonderfully featured. Offering a geometric pattern of dots in variously located overlapping grids, the complementary colourways are equal to the grid’s simple design, and overall, work very well. So well in fact as to replace the typical 3-stripe emblem that always adorns every Adidas shoe, the adidas Originals x Kvadrat Stan Smith sneakers are certainly a bold move for the company. Available in Navy, Pink, and Core Black since 6th July 2017, which is your favourite?

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Product Design x Fashion

With the lines between fashion and product design becoming increasingly blurry over the years, you have to be excited about what the future holds. In SATORI & SCOUT's opinion, fashion is becoming ever more easy with good product design's rise in purchasing preference, and by fusion of everybody's favourite colours, materials and patterns, the differentiating barrier lines are certainly crossing over.

(Photography Credit : Adidas)

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7 Innovation
6.5 Usability
6 Value

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