Acrylic Tables Of Optical Illusion

"...An optical illusion on the eyes brought about by refraction and reflection of the acrylic glass..."

SATORI & SCOUT have seen some wonderful designs in our time – mostly very wonderful, in fact – but are struggling to work out if we’ve ever seen a table quite so naturally beautiful. Saerom Yoon is a designer based in Seoul (South Korea) and via his furniture design studies at Hongik University, has created such an innovative furniture piece.

Manufactured from dyed transparent acrylic resin, Yoon’s table expresses many colourful gradients, so beautiful and natural. Yoon’s Crystal Series is created via a dying process that results in an optical illusion on the eyes brought about by refraction and reflection, with each factor depending on how light interacts with it. Wonderfully simple and superbly effective, the table is constructed via the melting of surfaces and glue, both resulting in the colours blending naturally between each of the table’s members.

Despite Yoon’s woodworking background, this fresh art furniture attempt is really successful. Hopefully such a table is one day made commercial.

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The Tetris Table

Presumably non-inspired by the game Tetris, SATORI & SCOUT cannot help but wonder what the future of such technology can be, and think the modular art form could become so much across the full furniture spectrum...

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