A Child’s Creativity x Coding. Kano Computers

"...Be it a game, app or otherwise, there is also a Kano community for you to share all of your successes..."

SATORI & SCOUT are big fans of teaching code to the younger generations and have previously documented a few articles in regards to brands such as PIP wanting to make it part of a child’s education. Adding to such a recent trend are Kano and in the following, we describe their latest invention and work.

A brand that allows you to build your own computer, putting cables, buttons, boards and bits together as if it were Lego, their instructions and step by step challenges are really quite enticing for any curious mind. As Kano describes, “…most of us just consume technology. Kano lets you create with it. Code art, hack games like Minecraft and Pong, build apps, data visuals, and animations. Collaborate with friends in 86 countries…” Boasting over 57 million lines of code being written to date, SATORI & SCOUT can definitely sense the buzz around such a creation. A hype worth following.

With all intentions for their products to be as easy to disassemble as they are to assemble, Kano explains that whilst many brands are competing to make the slimmest, more designer and beautiful something can be, it ought to be the mechanics behind such devices that are glorified and understood rather than any fashion-savvy design.

In the same week as the (glorious) Apple XS being launched, SATORI & SCOUT now turn our attention to a brand that ought to be equally well-known, but instead for all their do-goods rather than being any must-have. With modularity and sustainability key parts of any design, nothing is ever conceived without it’s re-usability in mind. Countering the common ‘throwaway culture’ that some brands and many consumers inhibit, the intention for Kano is that all peices are continually re-usable and the only hindrance to anything is your creativity and how much you learn.

First requiring you to build the computer’s hardware, followed by the teaching of code and finally the usage of any resulting creativity, be it a game, app or otherwise, there is also a Kano community for you to share all of your successes.

An almost Lego-like construction method, a recent collaboration for the brand is that of Harry Potter and such illustrates the capability of what could be in store for you. Of humble beginnings back in 2012 when Raspberry Pi technology contributed to a young child’s questioning of wanting to play too, via Kickstarter and crowfunding, the company has now manufactured over 300,000 products. A very fast growth rate, SATORI & SCOUT can certainly see why.

Discover more about the brand online at: Kano.me

Creativity x Coding x Inspiration

Whats important for people to consider is that coding at a young age is about much more than just writing code. It stimulates the brain in many ways previously never possible and this can only benefit any child's continuing wider education.

(Photography Credit : Kano)

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