Continuing Through The (Cadillac) Mirrored Maze

Maze Installation Of Mirrors and Confusion
Maze Installation Of Mirrors and Confusion
"...The art installation is disorientating and emotional as music and voices by vocalist Sahra Motablebi are played in unison..."

Mazes can be daunting (and fun) at the best of times, but mixing that with whimsical and older-years inspired colourways and patterns, and you will find yourself in what some would call a horror movie, and others, a fantastic installation. Featuring 1960s artwork, hallways with full / half-length mirrors and various other little quirks, this installation by Rafael de Cárdenas is really quite fascinating.

An air of confusion and interest sits in the air as you currently wander through each passage of Cadillac’s Manhattan (New York, USA) gallery; the home of the car company’s public relations events, an official collaboration with Visionaire. de Cárdenas is a local himself, and the art installation is disorientating and emotional as music and voices by vocalist Sahra Motablebi are played in unison.

As the pair explain, “Amaze bridges the otherworldly and the mundane, the drab and the hyper-chromatic. Each room of the labyrinthine installation stirs with life, woven with uncanny echoes, shifting perceptions, and hidden doorways that subtly scramble the coordinates of space and time.” SATORI & SCOUT can certainly see that ourselves.

In order, a cylindrical volume is accompanied by low-pitch sounds, a bright yellow room is deceiving and mirrored, a room is packed with eye-confusing black and white patterns and illusions, and finally, a room of whispering and voices. The building does include a museum cafe and gift shop, as per usual, but also a lot of Cadillacs – not quite the museum usual.

Open until 10th June 2018, discover more online at:

What stimulates your senses most?

The addition of voices, whispers and sounds engages a secondary sense and it is considered that places are most unnerving when more than one sense is activated. Sight and hearing, what if the installation smelt or felt peculiar?

(Photography Credit :  Architecture At Large)

7 Originality
7.5 Creativity
7 Culturality
9 Interactiveness

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