You Are 60% Water, So Stay Sixty Bottle

"...Simple and clever, by making the product have as few reasons a possible to ever be replaced, maybe your Stay Sixty is yours forever..."

With the ongoing news and widespread publication of the ever-increasing world’s plastic pollution, there have certainly been a surge of eco-conscious brands of many product-types seeking to address the issue, or at least do their part. With an average of 40 million bottles said to reach landfill sites and 50 million barrels of oil used to pump, process and refrigerate single-use bottled water a year, it is little wonder that brands like Stay Sixty have risen in popularity.

With all intention of doing their bit towards reducing the usage of single-use plastic, making the trusty water bottle eco-friendly but above all else, fashionable and stylish, is their core business plan. Of course filled with ethical and social ambitions which you’d like to expect, it is a priority of adding fashionable sense into the mix which is particularly becoming the tipping point in people’s minds in wanting to invest.

It is said that one million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and in the UK alone, a figure too scary for us to want to admit (38.5 million) are used every day. Quite literally, the amount of plastic produced in a year is roughly the same as the entire weight of humanity. Introducing Stay Sixty, the brand explains it’s name is titled as such because “…the average adult body consists of 60% water, let’s keep it that way. Stay hydrated, Stay Sixty.” Arguably becoming a timeless product design, their innovative reusable stainless steel water bottle is particularly helping people re-consider disposable fashion.

Believing in long-lasting value, and creating durable products, the use of premium materials helps to make Stay Sixty last longer, and fundamentally, the more fashionable the product is, the more likely it will transcend seasons in addition to always providing that eco-friendly goodness. Featuring a removable base – which SATORI & SCOUT particularly admires -, the inside of the bottle can be easily cleaned as to not become a breeding ground for bacteria, start to smell or need further replacement (and thus adding yet another plastic bottle for landfill). Simple and clever, by making the product have as few reasons a possible to ever be replaced, maybe your Stay Sixty is yours forever. Containing up to 500ml of liquid, Stay Sixty is available in stone, coal and blush finishes; we’ll take the coal one please.

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Staying Cool With Cool Water

The impact of such brands on society is certainly increasing, but it is those that are successfully ticking all the boxes of eco-friendliness and fashion that are particularly winning. Well done Stay Sixty.

(Photography Credit : Stay Sixty)

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