The Windows 95 Instagram App Update

"...exactly how SATORI & SCOUT would imagine the Instagram interface to be on a Windows 95 operating system..."

SATORI & SCOUT’s love of Instagram is all there to be known, particularly as we feature each and every article that is publishced on our popular design, lifestyle and culture Instagram feed. Now using the latest Apple or Android device, have you ever thought what popular apps of today would have looked like more than twenty years ago?

Concepted into reality by Moscow (Russia) based designer Misha Petrick, it really is quite interesting (and believable) seeing how the popular photo sharing app would have looked so long ago. Complete with accurate 8-bit graphics detailing, a pixelated MS sans serif font, and that well known ubiquitous teal blue background, the below mini videos are exactly how SATORI & SCOUT would imagine the interface to be on a Windows 95 operating system.

Watch as you scroll through your feed, be notified of followers, add filters to the photos and the logo spin colourfully as if it were your screensaver. SATORI & SCOUT really think this is great project. Enjoy!

Instagram Filters

Instagram Wall

Instagram Screensaver

View Petrick’s own Instagram wall, and discover more about the designer at

An Animator Of High Creativity

An animator of all sorts of creative graphics, it is Petrick's simple videos that really have the creative industry's eye interested, and we certainly are too...

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9 Originality
9.5 Creativity
7 Culturality
8 Interactiveness

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