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"...The School of Life tries to advise you not to be concerned with Dogma, and instead be stimulated via humanities to expand your mind..."

Advice is a wonderful thing, and the ability to ask questions about simple things and not feel embarrassed is often quite hard. At school we are taught how to solve empirical equations, write 10 page short stories, the great capitals of the world, and perhaps say ‘can I please order a baguette please’ or ‘I like the discotheque and playing football’ in French, but rarely are we taught life’s actual realities. As we grow as individuals and as part of a community or family, we each develop skills to adapt to the environment we exist within; such experience of every day life is naturally logged within ourselves and we learn from mistakes, from others and from personal research.

The School of Life is a collective group that promote ‘gifts for a thoughtful life‘, devoted to developing emotional intelligence via cultural references. Addressing issues such as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand one’s past, how to achieve calm and how better to understand the world, the School of Life’s literature is really something awesome, and truly compelling.

In addition to spreading their messages via books, the company offer various other avenues to step back, think intelligently, individually and with calmness. Also offering classes and therapies, films, stationery and various other thoughtful gifts, The School of Life will certainly assist you in the quest for a more fulfilled life. In-line with SATORI & SCOUT’s own aspirational and empowering lifestyle that we try to promote, The School of Life tries to advise you not to be concerned with Dogma, and instead be stimulated via humanities to expand your mind, and perhaps meet other open-minded people from around the globe.

More recent book editions added to their beautiful collection include how to be a leader, how to make a home, how to live in a city, how to be bored, how to think like an entrepreneur and how to choose a partner, amongst others. These expansions build upon the highly successful Toolkit for Life Volume 1 and 2, where ideas explored within these include how to worry less about money, how to think more about sex, how to stay sane, how to age, how to connect with nature and how to be alone, and more.

Of equal note, the illustrations within each book and their minimalist yet bold covers are simply fantastic, being somewhat inspiring in the same manner as the written content itself. These books would look great on any bookshelf (assuming you’ve read them beforehand of course). If you fancy on expanding your horizons, learning about everyday life beyond personal experience and perhaps educating others, then all of the available ‘gifts for a thoughtful life’ by The School of Life are well worth an explore…

All books and gifts are available at their London store and online at The School of Life.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Devoted via the gift of culture, The School of Life offer programmes concerned with how to live wisely and well. Enjoy leanring; we did...

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