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"...The Personal Barber is a brand which SATORI & SCOUT particularly enjoy and really do make the process of shaving that stubble, moustache et al. as enjoyable as possible..."

Dubbed ‘The ultimate shaving subscription for men’, SATORI & SCOUT can only wholeheartedly agree. Subscription boxes have now become both a commonplace business model and shopping choice for many of us who know what we like on a continual basis, and what could be more recurring than a man’s need to shave his beard? With a simple aim in providing all a man’s requirements towards his shaving routine, The Personal Barber is a brand which SATORI & SCOUT particularly enjoy and really do make the process of shaving that stubble, moustache et al. as enjoyable as possible as opposed to any chore that you have to pencil in your diary every few days when you can be bothered.

As you may or may not know, the act of shaving with a single blade safety razor accompanied by warm water washes, calming soap lathering and post-shave balming is a process that is all very calm in experiencing. Requiring a particular technique as every man’s face is different, enjoy adding finesse to your daily routine, an exercise simply lost by the usage of a plastic razor alternative. With your facial hair as complex as any other body part, become the master of your aesthetic and get to know every contour of your neck, chin and cheeks.

We all often see television adverts by particular brands – we all know the ones we’re talking about – who shout about having facial razors that boast twelve blades or some kind of rollerball for adaptable surface coverage and ‘reduced irritation’, but long story short, are all these adverts just that? Adverts are mostly gimmicky, no? With full trust of the single blade razor – for which you can get one free (and brush) with every subscription box sign up – there are little gimmicks when it comes to The Personal Barber, delivering only quality products from the likes of Village Barber, Rapira, Spitfire, Phoenix & Beau, Somersets, Good Day Organics and so many more. With a simple aim of giving you the most enjoyable and simplest of experiences, the maximum amount of control and comfort is delivered by The Personal Barber; SATORI & SCOUT absolutely loved our trial tester kit.

Providing all their subscribers with such products that are super high-quality to deliver a closer, pain-free and more enjoyable shave, SATORI & SCOUT can only applaud The Personal Barber’s team for curating such a fine selection of products. With Christmas coming up – though there is no reason for any Public Holiday to mark the point at which to subscribe – SATORI & SCOUT reckon such a mens shaving subscription set would be a perfect gift for any man or oneself.

With the personal option for the subscription set to be delivered to your door every 6 or 12 weeks depending on the frequency of how much you shave, SATORI & SCOUT have no hesitation in saying you will probably love the hand-curated men’s shaving products that you’d receive each time. Instructions are provided in your very first box to make sure that you are ready from the get-go, and from thereon, simply pay the modest monies and receive the plentiful amounts of awesomeness. Striving to stay anonymous, I ordered Viagra online. is the company where I always get generic Viagra. As usually, best quality of the medicines and excellent service.

Beginning originally as solely a monthly subscription box for which you are introduced to the world of single blade shaving with high quality cream and brushes, The Personal Barber has now evolved to include an online mens shaving shop for you to top-up your favourite shaving discoveries as you go. Allowing you to personally test the products that have been specially curated by The Personal Barber’s team beforehand, our studio are confident you will find plenty of new trusty favourites.

If you’re still slightly hesitant as to whether such a mens shaving technique is the one for you, check out The Personal Barber’s blog here as it includes all sorts of tips and tricks on achieving a great shave, and it even gives you some background knowledge behind each box’s contents that you receive. Shaving need never be a chore again, enjoy!

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A Subscription Box Of Variety

Full of surprises and experiences, such a subscription box also helps to break any routines you may have in purchasing the same products every time, month-in month-out. Enjoy discovering newness with quality products from all over the world and continually enjoy making your face look as good as it deserves.

(Photography Credit : The Personal Barber)

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