Sustainable Récolte Of Nostalgic Branding

"...With products to match the superior branding identity, Récolte's nomadic typeface and colourway are really quite refreshing in today's age of information overload..."

The French word for Harvest is Récolte and this brand is as beautiful as the name and it’s imagery suggests. Headed by Ananda Escriva and Franck Laÿs, Récolte is a relatively new organic, co-operative skincare brand and is one that has caught the attention of many leading skincare individuals and interested persons. SATORI & SCOUT say they’re well worth a try.

With a background in art and medicine, Récolte offers a fuss-free and simple kind of feeling, one that gives you that ever-loving sense of nostalgia. With products to match the superior branding identity, Récolte’s nomadic typeface and colourway are really quite refreshing in today’s age of information overload.

Always championing minimal details and nomadic-feeling branding, the simplicity continues into the actual balms and oils. High-quality and organic for the unisex consumer, Récolte explains that the brand’s high-level of transparency results from the company’s co-operative structure whereby small-scale organic farmers have as much say as those in other departments across the co-operative. Arguably overly democratic and long-winded to ever decide decisions, the result of such fairness and beauty can be ever-so rewarding and Récolte are absolutely testimony to that concept.

SATORI & SCOUT think it’s really refreshing when brands offer material and internal transparency and our main sponsor ANCHOR & CREW are another that come quickly to mind with their public jewellery and accessories ethics + traceability map for all to see.

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Nostalgia Of Yesteryear

Do you remember the days of harvest, when you were a child playing in the fields without a worry in your head? The nostalgic values and brand identity of Récolte are really quite something.

(Photography Credit : Recolte)

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