Stamford’s New (Beautiful) RÖ Skincare

"...When considering the stress-busting ailments and treatments there are to experience, SATORI & SCOUT truly recommend a visit to RÖ..."

As RÖ fantastically describe, “…It’s not just about achieving the best results – it’s about the experience that makes peoples lives better… in a calm, nature inspired environment…” and SATORI & SCOUT could not agree more. A small British skincare brand with a big vision, it was the end of the 2009 recession that marked the brand’s humble beginnings, but fast forward 9 (almost 10) years, and the launch of a Stamford-based (England) treatment centre is everything that any well-minded woman (or man) could want.

Amongst a plethora of quaint English shops that the little town is known for, RÖ’s new ‘Treatment Rooms’ is certainly a bang against the buck. Known for it’s beautiful skincare options and ideas, Stamford is the brand’s second premises following the first being located in Peterborough (also England). An absolute hidden treasure cum haven of providing good health and wellbeing experiences, the brand’s minimalist design is really well echoed in the bricks and mortar almost-showroom-like four walls.

Designed by O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects, the premises includes a front-addressing store with the more private activities taking place in the depths of the historic building. Symmetrical by design, the sink counter in the middle is a particular attraction, but no more so than the tranquil colourways of the walls and furniture. A concept fundamentally based on traditional apothecaries and their age-old practices, cane mesh was chosen in order to allow transparency, light and visual connection as well as to echo the famous Stamford woollen mesh cloth known as Haberget, produced during the Middle Ages. Boasting a modest palette and array of furniture items, everything about this little place relieves stress, and when considering the stress-busting ailments and treatments there are to experience, SATORI & SCOUT truly recommend a visit to RÖ.

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In Silence There Is Beauty

Minus any frivolous design objects or needlessly adventurous architectural layout, RÖ's premises is a fine example of what other British independent brands should aspire to be. No challenge is ever too hard, and effort is always rewarded...

(Photography Credit : Ståle Eriksen)

9.5 Wellbeing
8.5 Awesomeness
8 Eco-Friendliness
7.5 Value

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