Solving Mexico’s Social Housing Problems

"...ANTNA’s ‘un cuarto mas’ housing expansion idea is designed to add an additional 16 square metres of living space above the roofs of social housing across Mexico..."

The world’s social housing problem is certainly escalating in so many (too many) places, and Mexico is certainly one of those. Proudly designed by ANTNA, these architects might just have a logical solution that is worth expanding and continuing forever more.

Governmental attempts in reducing the need of oversized families, as well as offering financial, social and all other kinds of help might be one thing, but another is the simple premise of improving the living area in which people reside. With many homes overcrowded, families are essentially capped by the number of rooms they have or the size of the roof over their heads; what if there were additional rooms provided above said roof? A novel concept based around just that, ANTNA’s ‘un cuarto mas’ housing expansion idea aims to add an additional 16 square metres of living space above the roofs of all the social housing across Mexico.

Proposed to be built from timber as opposed to the commonplace brick, clay or stone, such a construction material would allow for greater modularity, more internal light entry and generally better living conditions. Designed to feature a range of structural frames that are aligned in a grid of beams and columns, the appended ‘roof-room’ system would boost the home-dweller’s relationship with the exterior as well as provide a liveable area that is cool in temperature as opposed to many of social home’s overheated conditions. Via the usage of timber as opposed to the other more conventional materials, such a premise also opens the opportunity for Mexico to explore new resources and essentially create new jobs and economies. As a result, this scheme (and a few others being initiated of late) could really help combat Mexico’s widespread housing crisis, unemployment and social marginalisation. Ideal, that’s the aspirational life right there.

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Energising All The Opportunities

Isn't it great when simplicity gives so much opportunity? With an exploration into the other opportunities beyond this simple idea, such a basic concept could easily snowball into something much greater for all.

(Photography Credit : Antna)

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