Smell And Feel Awesome. Introducing Myro

"...Introducing Myro, a relatively new brand on the block, and because doing good and feeling good should be an everyday thing..."

More often than not when you think of deodorant, fragrances and all other variations, you are perhaps inclined to instantly think of brand advertisements that communicate scenes of appeal and excitement. Of course depending on which brand’s fragrances you actually use, but whether it is one that priorities natural and sweet-smelling or attractive lustfulness, most often than not the result is one of curiosity.

Introducing Myro, a relatively new brand on the block, and because ‘doing good and feeling good should be an everyday thing’, such a brand believes that this statement is exactly that of, and somewhat personified by, deodorant. ‘To smell awesome and feel awesomer’, all of the fun!

A minimal deodorant that has been designed by a collaboration between New York-based studio Visibility and Deerfield, the entire brand focuses on these colourful refillable holders which can continually house and be refilled with different deodorant ‘pods’. Supposedly reducing 50% less plastic than typical deodorants (and what about circumnavigating the usage of metal too?), such an idea of being refillable hasn’t otherwise been approached by the industry to date.

Seeking to particularly address both the health concerns and ecological impacts that plastic injection moulding gives (the typical method of manufacturing such plastic objects and shapes), the designers wanted to make the products as visually attractive as possible to ensure their longevity, and upon the time of eventual change, then fully recyclable.

Operational by way of the pods simply slotting into the holders via the typical turning dial of a deodorant bar, the addition or removing of the pods could not be simpler. Also wishing to highlight that the actual deodorant bars are plant-based and only of clean ingredients, and the natural scents are entirely cruelty (and baking soda) free, Myro is surely a fantastic idea for all the personal hygienic (and stylish) years to come. Available in five smells at this stage, namely Solar Flare, Big Dipper, Chill Wave, Pillow Talk and Cabin #5, the brand’s mission is as simple as their minimal packaging as their clean branding.

Discover more about the brand online at:

Better Vibes Guaranteed

Boasting quite a colourful array of packaging and smells, all the senses engage with the brand in the most creative of ways. A fantastic idea SATORI & SCOUT say...

(Photography Credit :  Myro)

8 Wellbeing
7.5 Awesomeness
9 Eco-Friendliness
7 Value

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