Seb Man : The New Brand For The Entrepreneur

"...Thinking outside the lines of their industry's craft and following their own artistic ambition to the edge, Seb Man creates new possibilities for self-expression..."

Finding the best hair products is always an experiment as you discover the good and the not-so-good. With most hair brands regularly advertising that they offer this and that – and often the case, deliver little of the above – it is certainly hard (pun intended) to truly find one that works for you; and when you do, you often stick with them ’til evermore. Introducing Seb Man, the professional haircare brand that can be found in salons across the world, such a brand can essentially be categorised as being amongst the elite…but without the price tag.

With their ‘legendary’ Molding Mud an absolute go-to for our studio’s fellas, we were most pleased (and impressed) by the brand’s recently diversification. Launching a sub-brand called Seb Man beneath the parent Sebastian Professional, such a product range is aimed at those wanting to live without any categorisation, styling beauty without boundaries. As Geri Cusenza, founder of Sebastian Professional, explains, “…I imagine we can change the world, one head, one face or one body at a time.”

Thinking outside the lines of their industry’s craft and following their own artistic ambition to the edge, Seb Man creates new possibilities for self-expression. If you love being stylish (of course), urban on the inside and out, and are perhaps entrepreneurial by spirit, then being a non-stereotype will be your thing, as will Seb Man.

Boasting all the quality and simplicity together with the utmost convenience, SATORI & SCOUT have no hesitation in recommending Seb Man for your day ahead. Launching on 1st February 2019, such an effortlessly cool selection of male hair products will include ‘The Purist’, ‘The Smoother’, ‘The Cooler’ for haircare, ‘The Sculptor’, ‘The Player’, ‘The Fixer’ for hair styling, and ‘The Gent’ for grooming, and much more. Masculine in every note, but offering a balance of natural ingredients and goodness, SATORI & SCOUT recommends Seb Man for the modern gent.

Featuring a portfolio of aspirational ‘models’ in their advertising campaign, each person embodies the individual, all borne to be someone different. You can be sure that any future product releases will never be defined by any one limit, forever ensuring that you can be more than just a stereotype and embrace yourself as who you are, a true entrepreneur. With Sebastian Professional absolutely known for “..doing hair, business and learning differently, constantly surprising and making unexpected connections to create something new”, here’s a toast to you trying their new sub-brand. Be different.

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Buying Less, Buying Better

Enabling men to express all versions of themselves, in the most hassle-free way, isn't it fantastic how quality brands are truly inspirational in their philosophy and meticulous nature to strive and be better than just average Joe brands. Quality products are better, hands down. Buy less, buy better.

(Photography Credit : Sebastian Professional)

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7.5 Eco-Friendliness
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