Ryosuke Fukusada Evocative Bathroom Ritual

"...Designing a new bathroom unit that has been named 'Small Steps', the intention of the design is to slow down your morning wake-up..."

Your morning ritual should be sacred and sacred it shall be. A working collaboration between Ryosuke Fukusada and Naoto Fukusawa, the duo have created a unit that amplifies just how special that part of the day should be. Designing a new bathroom unit that has been named ‘Small Steps’, the intention of the design is to slow down your morning wake-up and help you realise just how much of a moment the occasion should be every day.

Providing you with a more gradual start to the day, the bathroom unit design came about from a competition in which seven groups of designers from five different countries were each invited to work alongside Naoto Fukusawa to interpret the design brief of: ‘good morning’. Sounds simple.

Giving a great sense of allure and providing an atmosphere in which you feel elevated and prepared for the day ahead, Ryyosuke Fukusada’s manufactured unit features a luxurious material that has been divided into many grids to arrive at the wholesome design. Within each segment of the grid it’s (lucky) user can perform their small daily rituals, and being accompanied by a selection of small accessories, the whole experience ought to feel elegant and re-imagined.  Particularly featuring a large mirror, the user can experience how it gently glows brighter as the morning ritual continues, evoking complete wellbeing and brightness; the concept being that too many of us don’t appreciate sunrise and that the perception of brightening light metaphorically reflects our greater awareness in the morning. SATORI & SCOUT particularly appreciate this nice, subtle feature.

Discover more about the designer’s project at: RyosukeFukusada.com

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(Photography Credit : Ryosuke Fukusada)

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