Renault (EZ Pro) To Be Your Local Deliverer

"...Do you believe that the EZ Pro concept could truly contribute towards more immediate delivery and more importantly, less vehicles on the road?"

How long do you think it will be until driverless cars become reality? With many online and television-based news reports always discussing their usefulness, validity and safety – and SATORI & SCOUT have certainly featured one or two autonomous transport articles of our own – Renault are but the latest manufacturer cum innovator to potentially pioneer the subject area.

Entirely electric vehicles, of course, these EZ Pro ‘pods’ are part of a fleet which Renault are designing and testing, and potentially making customisable to client company’s needs, could this be the future of local deliveries? Operating by way of an autonomous ‘leader pod’ and a convoy of driverless pods that trail behind, each of the vehicles can either move independently or co-dependently behind one another.

With each of their internal fittings to house parcel lockers, each pod could in theory be designed to become pop-up shops, food counters et al., and becoming and even-more integral part of the future age’s society. A modular design by every means, the pod’s design features a standardised base to which customisable fittings can be adjoined on top and within.

Including a human (hooray!) sitting inside the ‘leader pod’ to supervise the entire process and ensure that every delivery is made without fuss, could this semi-human-semi-robot formula be the winning ticket as a decent compromise between full vehicle autonomy and ensuring a mass exodus of jobs doesn’t occur? As Renault explains, “…Released from today’s constraints of driving, the concierge [human in attendance] can focus on value-added tasks, such as supervising the itinerary planning and driverless robo-pods, or ensuring efficient and customised service, such as in-person, premium delivery of groceries or fragile objects.” Quite right too.

Operated by the final customer, whether consumer or business, selecting a time and place at their convenience, the robo-pods are said to be potentially operational all 24 hours of the day. An idea to combat how’ last-mile delivery’ is usually the sticking point of any distribution company and traffic jam alike, do you believe that the EZ Pro concept could truly contribute towards more immediate delivery and more importantly, less vehicles on the road? A certainly interesting idea, SATORI & SCOUT welcomes the thought that autonomy in vehicles can contribute more than just taxi services i.e. Uber.

Discover more about the concept online at:

How Widespread Could The EZ Pro Be?

Would you want concierge delivery or simply be okay with the usage of the self-service parcel lockers? Certainly an interesting concept, would it work everywhere though...?

(Photography Credit : Renault)

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