Inflatable Second Dome Of Creativity

"...The Second Dome venue can host organised not-for-profit events, from animation workshops, film screenings..."

Wonderful things happen in parks, and when fused with a city environment, there can often be cultural interventions. Located in London Fields, a park east of the centre of London (UK), such a pneumatic architectural structure took shape in early October, and the venue hosted free community events for families and children. Termed ‘Second Dome’, the reconfigurable space could transform itself from a single 65 sqm bubble upward to a multi-room 400 sqm structure within minutes, and the venue is really fantastic.

Designed and manufactured by DOSIS, a Spanish creative laboratory, the Second Dome venue can host organised not-for-profit events, from animation workshops, film screenings, piñata-designing classes (seriously?), science experiments and more.

Originally commissioned for Founders Forum 2016, the idea of the space was to collaborate different industries and disciplines. Via the careful design ability to be able to respond to specific urban needs, the structure can quickly pop up, assemble itself and activate the city with little effort or energy required. Automatically able to respond to wind and pressure, the “…erection of the structure requires extremely low quantities of energy for fabrication and assembly”, a spokesperson explained.

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Intention Of The Second Home

Second Home ...'understands that great things happen when different industries, ideas and disciplines are brought together. Everything we do is designed to help people flourish and succeed in the modern economy – and unlock their full creative potential.' A worthwhile visit, SATORI & SCOUT are going...

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7.5 Originality
9 Creativity
8 Culturality
9.5 Interactiveness

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