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"...All of Space 10's foodstuffs have been devised to feature ingredients only available sustainably, or are by-products of an existing production chain..."

When you say ‘food of the future’, you may be forgiven for not immediately thinking of IKEA, but on the contrary, that is exactly who should spring to mind. Space 10 is the research and innovation lab led by IKEA and it is they who are on the search for the latest in food technology.

Denmark-based Space 10 have just launched a menu of five amazingly-new (pun intended) dishes that just may provide us with the answer to the predicted global food crisis of the not-so-distant future (at least, if we can’t change the way we consume). Featuring a burger and hot dog, meatballs and ice cream, it is their ingredients that are perhaps most surprising and interesting.

In an attempt at mixing health with sustainability with good-taste, Space 10 explains: “…to change people’s minds about food, to inspire them to try new ingredients, we can’t just appeal to the intellect – we have to titillate their taste buds. We’ve been working with our chef-in-residence to come up with dishes that look good, taste good, and are good for people and planet.”

A direct response to the UN’s recent comments that the world’s demand for food shall increase by 70% over the next 35 years, it is but meat production that will be affected most. As such, all of Space 10’s foodstuffs have been devised to feature ingredients only available sustainably, or even, are by-products of an existing production chain that could in some way have re-captured value.

In order, 1. Dogless Hotdog with a veg-sausage and complete with carrots, a spirulina (an ingredient with 50 times more iron than spinach) bun and ketchup made from berries; 2. Bug Burger features a beetroot-mealworm combo patty; 3. Meatballs that contains more mealworms and root vegetables; 4. Lokal Salad with some very unique short-life sprout vegetables; 5. Ice Cream made from microgreens such as basil and mint, sorrel and chervil.

Calling Copenhagen (Denmark) their home, their food certainly looks amazing, perhaps for any food-lover world-over.

Discover more about the lab online at: Space10.io

Food Of Tomorrow Today

With an overriding purpose to enable a better, more meaningful and sustainable life for the many people. The UN has called spirulina 'the most ideal food for mankind' - Space 10 probably agree...

(Photography Credit : Space10)

9 Wellbeing
9.5 Awesomeness
8 Taste
6 Value

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