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"...For London-based (UK) architectural practice HÛT, this moveable gin trolley is a welcomed addition to its office furniture..."

Gin, glorious gin. Workplace entertainment is seemingly getting wider and wider these days as corporate offices attract millenials, and as community workplaces promote it’s societal inclusion, and what better way to wind down a day in the office with a gin & tonic? Designed by and for London-based (UK) architectural practice HÛT, this moveable gin trolley is a welcomed addition to its office furniture.

Based in Shoreditch, London, the hipster studio is that little bit more hip in SATORI & SCOUT’s eyes for probably being the first G&T office providers in the UK. Although unconfirmed, the trolley is at least a contemporary version of the traditional 1920’s cocktail trolleys. Manufactured from plywood, the house-shaped construction offers nice storage compartments, a blackboard for everyday’s specialities and a ledge for the drink’s herbal complementaries. Offering full preparation space, the trolley is able to be wheeled around the office and prepare the alcoholic refreshments on-the-go.

As the studio explain, “The aim was to inject practicality and merriment into the trolley’s design. [The button hole] ‘Pull for fun’ encourages users to interact with the trolley, lifting the lid reveals all the tools needed for a proper cocktail. Big enough to stand behind and serve, the trolley has considered storage for glasses, cut-out stations for fruit slices and herbs and hanging hooks from the top beam for stirrers, strainers, jiggers and mashers.” Basically everything that any G&T drinking office would ever need. Just add hard-worked office staff, and enjoy.

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Just Add Hard-Worked Office Staff

The prevalence of office entertainment has risen in recent times with the publicity around the likes of Facebook's gigantic Californian office. With 99 percent of all other offices a fraction of their size, does that mean the entertainment has to stop? All in the name of a balanced life.

(Photography Credit : Hut Architecture)

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  • Fantastic idea that’s been well executed; Bravo, HÛT!! Guess we need to start considering what beverage of choice our (currently non-existent!) office hut might have across the Atlantic.. hey, a girl can dream ;D

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