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"...On show at the latest Frankfurt Auto Show, the new Honda Urban EV concept is touted as being electric and emotional..."

A slightly strange title you might think, but yes, it’s emotional! No, not an emotional flashback to 1980’s car designs, but rather a car that can read your emotions. On show at the latest Frankfurt Auto Show, the new Honda Urban EV concept is touted as being electric and emotional.

Of course Honda are somewhat synonymous of 1980’s hatchbacks, but this concept design draws inspiration from other manufacturers such as Audi and Volswagen, and perhaps to some degree, BMW Mini. An electric ‘go-kart’ if we will, this energy efficient dream boasts characteristics much more than greater fuel (or lack of) efficiency; an integrated personal assistant.

As Takahiro Hachigo, President and CEO of Honda, explains, “…the “Honda Automated Network Assistant” (will it answer to “Hana”?) [is a] smart-learning concierge system [that] ascertains behavioural patterns and even detects emotions behind the driver’s judgments; in time the system then offers recommendations according to these driver patterns.” An idea of the world in which mobility and daily life are seamlessly interlinked, the innovative on-board automated network assistant acts as a personal concierge for you; with knowledge of your judgements, the car can make new choices and recommendations. Housed in a dashboard of little more than a wrap-around screen that sits in the conventional place and within each door, the UI offers vehicle information such as remaining battery level. Continuing, “…[the car] is not some vision of the distant future; a production version of this car will be here in Europe in 2019″.

Even if a Back-to-the Future inspired ’emotional’ car design has all your nostalgic tingles racing, it’s innovative emotional UI and dashboard is certainly worth an investment, surely? Just be careful not to make the car hate you, then it really would become emotional. Watch this Youtube video:

Discover more about the car brand online at: Honda.co.uk

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(Photography Credit : Evo and Honda)

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