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"...Craft Metropolis scours the very best of London's craft beer breweries and curates the most flavoursome and most awesome beers..."

With SATORI & SCOUT often expressing interest in healthy eating and living, it would be wrong to suggest that the aspirational lifestyle that we so promote has to be as pure as Icelandic natural water; infact many people don’t even realise that drinking beer actually has many health benefits anyway. From a decrease in heart disease, increase in vitamins, improvement of cholesterols and various others, with such potential improvements to be had, we might even suggest that our studio needs to increase their already medium-level consumption of beer from hereon into the future.

Not wishing to explore and preach the health benefits of beer consuming, it is but the awesomeness of ‘craft beer‘ that SATORI & SCOUT is exploring here, and upon discovering Craft Metropolis, there isn’t much worth your time looking any further than their selection and knowledge. Craft beer can be found all over the place, from your home’s local to your next holiday destination’s local, and such a wide-ranging admiration of the brewing skill is quite something particularly given that macro breweries continue to dominate the global scene. Different from normal beers in their approach to brewing, being perhaps more experimental and more alcohol-content inclusive (sometimes up to 65%!), ingredients can include chocolate, oak, caramel, dark fruit, lemon, pumpkin, hazelnut and many more. With a direct focus on quality rather than quantity, whilst it could be said that craft beers are more expensive, this doesn’t have to always be so.

Born out of the founder’s idea that he hoped for all of London’s (UK) best craft beers to be readily available on his doorstep, Craft Metropolis offers a selection of craft beers a cut above the generic beer brands that are available everywhere. With craft beer’s more interesting tastes and ingredients popularised by many, what isn’t also to like about supporting your local manufacturers? Craft Metropolis scours the very best of London’s craft beer breweries and by selectively hand selecting and curating the most flavoursome and most awesome beers, offers it’s final selection online to be delivered straight to you. Tried and tested, on offer are experienced beers and new beers, bottles and cans – basically everything you would hope for.

With the option of curating your own beer selection or allowing their beer fanatics to select beer for you, SATORI & SCOUT had the pleasure of trying many craft beers that none of us consumed ever before. Our favourite cans and bottles in our studio’s delivery included the Brewheadz Fired Up Donkey Rye IPA, Five Points Pils, Brick Brewery Peckham Pale Ale and Howling Hops Riding Pal Ale, but that’s not to say that any of their other 50+ selection are any worse; complete with tasty beef strip packets, Craft Metropolis’ beer selection was quite the ticket. Begin your selection by visiting Craft Metropolis online, and with various subscription offerings, sit back and relax as the pain in buying beer goes away and the enjoyment in discovering (and enjoying) new beer begins. Based in South East London, the authenticness of the brand comes out in every order.

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Craft Beer By Postcode

Quite awesome in itself, you can discover breweries by London postcode on their official website. Do you know where your Carlsberg, Stella Artois, Brewdog, Guinness or Peroni all come from? Okay, maybe you might, but this location finder is but another aspect quite cool and authentic about Craft Metropolis. Enjoy...

(Photography Credit : Craft Metropolis)

7 Wellbeing
9 Awesomeness
9.5 Taste
8 Value

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