Colourful Walala Patterns At NOW London

"...Camille Walala is the queen of colour and her patterns will create another world for all in NOW Gallery..."

SATORI & SCOUT love pattern art, and this latest installation by France’s Camille Walala is high on our ‘2017’s favourites’ list. Eye-wateringly colourful, playful, wonderful and all the other ‘-ful’s’, WALALA X PLAY is a signature installation that features all of the artist’s graphic patterns, geometric shapes and fantastic colours.

A colourful maze in which you are guided (or misguided) around it’s navigation, the waterways of the Greenwich Peninsula, the curve of the Thames, and the internal shapes and angles of the Marks Barfield buildings are all referenced and represented. Through the ideas of flow and reflection that define WALALA x PLAY, the installation’s layout playfully mirrors the shape of the building; NOW Gallery sets the template for the flow of the space.

Camille Walala’s positive vibe is refreshingly expressed through vibrant colour and bold patterns, and her wider work harnesses optimistic typography and exuberant geometries to create environments that stimulate the senses and inspire joy. As NOW Gallery explains, “We love having colour in our gallery space, it glows through the glass and resonates on Peninsula Square. Camille Walala is the queen of colour and her patterns will create another world for all in NOW Gallery. We are creating a playful place where – as is in our past exhibitions – we give people time to linger, digest and unpick puzzles giving space to let the installation resonate.”

Immerse yourself as you pass through the gallery and experience a range of spaces, some open, some tight and uncomfortable, some with dead ends. With walls of different heights, passageways of different widths, curved and zigzag paths, the installation’s aim is to address the idea of human scale.

Discover more about this art installation online at:

An Impressive Art Gallery

Greenwich Peninsula’s NOW Gallery has become a firm favourite cultural platform for exciting design, fashion and art exhibitors. Always worth visiting such places as you get inspired for your own project(s).

(Photography Credit : Charles Emerson)

7 Originality
10 Creativity
8.5 Culturality
10 Interactiveness

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